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We came from Brazil with our little daughter to obtain a better quality of life for her and a better future for all of us. House cleaning was our first job here, once we already had experience with it in our homeland, in 2016 we decided to set up our own cleaning company.


Cleaning is a natural passion for all Brazilians, our routine back home is surrounded by housekeeping and house cleaning, it's cultural, a habit that made us not see house cleaning as a job only, but as an opportunity to make our culture useful and bless other families.



Our company has been growing so fast, after a short time we started to hire people and train them to clean with passion and a heart of good servers. Currently, with a lot of new responsibilities, we are becoming even more professional for you.

We started with a sincere heart to be better, making other's lives better.



Happy Clients


Clean Homes


Years in Business

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